BRI Factsheet Series – Orange Line Metro Lahore

The Orange Line Metro Lahore (OLMT) is Pakistan’s first mass transit system and the first of three rail lines of the Lahore Metro system. The project is part of the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative.


Orange Line Metro Lahore
Picture Credit: Habib Construction Services

Project Information

Project Name
Orange Line Metro Lahore (OMTP)

Transport (Urban Rail – Rapid Transit Line)


BRI Corridor
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Current Status
Under Construction

Project Start
May 22, 2014 (Inter-Governmental Framework Agreement)

Planned Completion Date
May, 2018

Chinese Involvement
Financing, E&M, Train set delivery, Operation supervision

Projected Total Project Costs
USD 1.478 billion (without contingencies)

USD 1.55 billion soft loan (The Export-Import Bank of China) / USD 13 million short-term financing (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited) /USD 300 Million (Federal Government of Pakistan)

Lahore Development Authority

Punjab Mass Transport Authority

Chinese Contractors
China Railway Group & NORINCO International (E&M), CRRC Zhuzhou (Train sets)

Additional Project Information

The total length of the line is 27.1km with 1.72km semi-underground (cut & cover) and 25.4km elevated viaduct. The line has 26 stations, among which 24 are elevated and 2 cut & cover. When fully in operation, there will be 27 trains running at 80 kilometres per hour, reducing travel time between Ali Town and Dera Gujran from currently two-and-a-half hours to 45 minutes. The Orange Line Metro Lahore system is fully automated and driverless and each train has a capacity to carry 1,000 passengers. Together all Orange Line trains would facilitate the transport for up to 245,000 passengers daily which will be raised to 495,500 in the year 2025. The train sets for the Orange Line are manufactured in China by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive (CRRC ZELC).

Project Sustainability

+ Potential reduction of traffic congestion and related air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise emissions;

–  Potential negative impacts on local building heritage in the old town quarters of Lahore and local socio-economic networks; heat island effects

Further Information

Further official documents
NORINCO Technical Proposal
Project Brief Of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train
Punjab Masstransit Authority

Project Pictures

Orange Line Metro Lahore
Picture Credit: Business Recorder
Lahore Metro project and Orange Line Metro Lahore
Picture Credit: (D.Lysenko)

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  1. I was just wondering if this map of the BRI projects is current and accurate. If not, do you know where I might find an interactive map similar to this?

    1. Dear Hannah, thank you for your comment. Sadly, we have to admit that our map of BRI projects is not up to date. Reconnecting Asia also has an interactive map. Good luck!

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