BRI Factsheet Series – Havelian Dry Port

The Havelian dry port is being built in the vicinity of Baldhair railway station, about five kilometres from Haripur city and  is designed to meet the demand of the containerized future freight traffic between China and Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative. Havelian dry port will be an essential joint in the logistic infrastructure between the northern terminus of the ML-1 railway line (Karachi–Peshawar) and the southern terminus of the upgraded Karakorum Highway coming from the north, linking Pakistan to China.


Project Information

Project Name
Havelian Dryport

Intermodal Container Dryport (Freight Transport Infrastructure) 

Havelian, District Haripur/Pakistan

BRI Corridor
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Current Status
Chinese consultant was named to conduct a joint feasibility study of the Main Line 1 (ML1) and Havelian dry port project in August 2014 during the third Joint Cooperation Council (JCC) in Beijing;
Request for Chinese financing submitted in November 2016;
Framework agreement signed in May 2017;
Feasibility report finalized in June 2017

Chinese Involvement
Technical and Financial Assistance

Projected Total Project Costs
USD 65 million

Work will be carried out by financing through Chinese Government Concessional Loan (GCL). Work will be awarded through open bidding through EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract

Proposing Agency
Ministry of Railways

Implementing Agency
Pakistan Railways

Supervising Agency
Ministry of Communications, Government of Pakistan

Project Sustainability

Potential land ownership issues

Belt and Road Projects (selection)


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